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pianist, producer, teacher.

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Secondary Dominants at your fingertips.
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Secondary dominants are one of my absolute favorite sounds. Used wisely, they add just the right amount of 🌶️ to otherwise diatonic progressions. In this 5 hour course, I teach the concept from the ground up and also walk through my three original etudes in multiple keys so that you will have an understanding of how to incorporate this sound into your playing. If you're not sure about buying the entire course, then check out the free lesson!

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about me

I'm a pianist, producer, songwriter and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. I graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2013 and have since lived and traveled all over the world playing music with musical artists such as Lohai, Caleb Hawley, Lawrence, Grace Kelly, Darren Criss, Cory Wong, and many more. I am jazz-trained but feel-focused and currently inhabiting the soul, pop and R&B realms. I'm also an Ableton guru, particularly when it comes to building live setups. From 2015-2021 I worked as an instructor for HDpiano (and later WePiano) where I developed my ability to teach clearly and concisely for video. Check out some of my courses here!Get in touch if you want to set up a lesson or collaborate.

What's wepiano?

From 2015-2021 I worked as an instructor for HDpiano, teaching aspiring pianists how to play their favorite songs. During the pandemic of 2020, I also began working on a project called the HDpiano Academy, which was a collection of courses taught by myself and other talented instructors that aimed to supplement HDpiano students' knowledge of theory and other fundamentals. In 2021, this project was rebranded as WePiano and launched as an entirely separate business for HDpiano students and new students alike.I soon realized that my deep involvement in growing WePiano was preventing me from pursuing other interests in my life. In early 2022 I decided to step down from my leadership role and shortly thereafter, the business was shut down. I'm extremely proud of the work I did there and the courses that I was able to create. Thankfully, I'm still able to offer them for sale and you can find a selection of them here.I love creating education material in video format and will continue to do so (however slowly) in the coming years.